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Prom limo

Prom is one of the most magical parts of high school life. You want it to be a memorable experience. The dress, the tux, and the flowers must all be perfect. But what about your car? How are you planning to arrive? After so much attention spent on the details, you can’t exactly show up in your beat-up Ford with tape on the bumper. You want this to be elegant. You want to make an entrance. It’s time to consider a prom limo rental.

Where To Begin With Your Prom Limo Rental

Depending on the area you live in, there will be companies to choose from. It’s important to do your research and choose a prom limo service that Prom Limobest meets your needs. But what are your needs? You must consider your budget, prom limo prices will vary depending on the company and what you are looking for. Prom limo prices also depend on the size and style of the car. How many people will be riding in it? How fancy are you looking for? It’s best to start by researching a limo for prom near me. That should get you a list of companies to call and get details on. Keep detailed notes on all the companies including options, prices, deposits and safety concerns. You will refer to these notes often while selecting the right company for your limo needs. It’s also important to begin your search as early as possible. Many companies are most busy during prom season and only have so many limos to rent. Once the limos are all spoken for, you may be out of luck. If given enough notice, some companies may be able to shift limos from one location to another to keep up with demand, but this is highly unlikely if you wait until the last minute. Don’t let poor planning doom you to a junky ride to prom.

How To Reduce Your Prom Limo Cost

There are a few ways to help save money on your prom transportation. You might want to consider renting a larger car but inviting other couples to share. Splitting the cost makes the unaffordable much more reasonable. Once you have the details of your prom limo cost, you can divide that cost by the number of couples it will seat and start inviting friends. Another important factor to consider when trying to determine how much to rent a limo for prom is the number of stops the driver will need to make to pick up the couples. The amount of driving done can often affect the price tag. When searching, be sure to consider a limo for prom near me, as a company that is farther away may cost more in mileage. Consider having couples meet up at a single pick up point to reduce the driver’s stops. If this is not possible, plan out the stops so they are a natural progression from point A to point B. The easier you make things for your driver, the smoother the pickup and drop off process will go and you will be less likely to experience issues with your schedule. It does no good to show up at prom in the height of style if you are late and no one sees you arrive at all.

Plan For A Down Payment

No matter who you choose, a prom limo service is going to want a deposit on the car. Be sure to find out if this is refundable should you have to cancel. Prom is a very busy time for these companies and they want to make sure their vehicles are used for this special occasion. A nonrefundable deposit is one way to ensure they get something out of the bargain if you should cancel and leave them with an unused limo. Ask your friends who plan to ride with to split this deposit with you and don’t plan on getting it back in the event of cancellation unless the company has a return policy.

Make Safety A Priority

Many of us just assume that a driver is qualified for the task when they pull up to the curb in front of our house, but this isn’t always the case. Remember that you have a right to ask about licensing for your particular driver and even ask for a background check. A reputable limo service will have no problem with providing these things to you upon request. You can also ask about what insurance the company carries to cover your ride to the prom. You want to know that in the event of an accident any medical bills will be covered by the rental service’s insurance.

Don’t Forget To Ask About Packages and Promotions

Many limo services offer special packages or promotions for events like prom. You may be offered extra time after prom to cruise around and see the Prom limosights, discounts for multiple couples, or some companies even roll a red carpet out for you. All these will affect the cost, but don’t forget these add-ons when asking how much to rent a limo for prom. Sometimes they can actually help you save money, and other times the little extra cost adds a large amount of class to your very special night. Remember to keep detailed notes, as the particulars of each company can quickly overwhelm you.

There is no doubt that prom will be one of the most memorable nights of your high school years. You’ve worked hard and you (and your date) deserve a truly magical evening. Plan your budget carefully and weigh your options. Can you afford a limo? With the right amount of planning, checking into the package deals, and splitting the cost with a few good friends, it just may be an option for you. Don’t let an old ride ruin all the time and effort you’ve put into your special night. Consider a limo service near you to add that final perfect touch to the enchanting evening you’ve been planning all year.

Prom limo June 8, 2017
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