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Choosing and Getting the Best Out of Your Limousine Drive

For first-class comfort and luxury transportation, the first, and at times the only option is a limousine. No matter what type of travel you are considering, a limousine ride will always emerge as a top choice. The long stretched ride just oozes class and stature, effortlessly. Often, you will wonder, “Is there a limo service near me?” Most probably, there is. Hiring a limo is, however, a process that is, at times, long with many aspects to consider. There are also basic etiquette rules to follow to ensure your travel experience is successful. Below are some of the most pertinent issues that you should look into when choosing the best limo service to get premium results.

1. The Type of Limousine.

There are different types of Limousine typeslimousines for various purposes and with different passenger capacities. The best limo service will offer different options capable of accommodating different sizes of people. From four seater limousine sedans to party buses that accommodate nearly twenty individuals, a good service will have all these options at your disposal. Comfort levels, however, can be met by picking the best limo depending on the purpose of your ride and the number of passengers you will be hosting. The vehicles will also come with a variety of packages such as hourly charge and fixed daily charge.

2. The Purpose of the Limousine.

Proms, weddings, bachelor parties and other once-in-a-lifetime time events use limos to make the day extra special. For each event also, limos are customized differently, to accommodate the differing needs of the occasion. Choosing the right vehicle for your event will thus take time.

Moreover, limousines are a preferred choice for corporate travel. Transporting high-net-worth clients or business executives in a limousine shows you care for your guests’ needs and comforts. It goes a long way into making deals go through as they are not only impressed, your guests get to their destination faster and in an efficient and safe manner.

3. The Service Quality

Qualitative serviceAfter determining your budget, determine the best service available at that price. Regardless of your budget, there are cheap limousine service prices to be found from limo hiring services that maintain high professional standards. For this reason, take your time finding the right firm. A service that prides itself in its customer service will treat you well for the duration of your ride and leave you with no regrets.

4. Travel Plans

For everything to go smoothly, ensure you plan all your trips earlier. Determine all your needs and communicate them to your limo hiring company early enough. Everything from route details, stopovers, pickups and travel dates and times will be valuable information for your chauffeur to guarantee you a worthwhile experience.

5. Price Options

The cost of limo service is often Price optionscharged on an hourly basis. For this reason, be advised to know how many hours of limo service you will need. This knowledge will help you plan for the number of hours required. Equally, you can opt to charter a limousine and its driver when you need the vehicle for an extended period. Many people like to claim that, “there is no cheap limo service near me” However, please note that the total cost should be compared to the service offered. Often, you will find that the price quoted when matched with the service provided represents a considerable bargain.

6. Check the Limousine

Never assume anything. When hiring a limo service, especially a new one, always ensure you inspect the vehicle to ensure what is promised while booking the ride is met. Online and off-site bookings have a tendency to oversell their product and the comforts it offers. With an inspection, you will be able to kick the tires and see it the ride is capable of meeting your needs.

Essential Etiquette Rules of Using a Limo Service

As luxurious as a limousine ride might be, to make the experience extra comfortable, a few basic etiquette rules need to be followed. These rules ensure you not only arrive in style, but you get your money’s worth for the cost of limo service. Some of these rules include.

Etiquette when using a limousine service

I. Show RespectShow respect

– A little respect will go a long way in pulling off a comfortable limo ride. Even in cases of cheap limousine service prices, the vehicles rented out are expensive. Handling them with care and as if they were your own makes the trip more pleasant. You will not also be served with additional maintenance cost for damages you caused the limo while using it. The driver should as well, be treated with respect. His work involves sparing no effort for you to have an enjoyable ride. A little respect will go a long way to make him more ready to do so.

II. Stick to the seating capacity

– All limousine models have a pre-determined seating capacity set by the law. The seating capacity should be adhered to at all times to allow for passenger safety and comforts. To this end, a limo service has a right to cancel a service agreement at the last minute if this rule is ignored. It is also against etiquette rules to argue with the driver on etiquette rules.

III. Take care of your personal belongings

– Passengers should note that they Good limo serviceare responsible for their belongings. You should not leave your valuables in the limo when not traveling in it. Limo renting services will not compensate you for any loss as they do not bear responsibility for any theft or misplacing of personal items.

IV. Appreciate good service

– Good service should never go unrewarded. The same rule should be followed with any limo driver who contributes to making your journey memorable. Provided you show them respect, most limo drivers will be friendly and offer you help even beyond their call of duty. Customarily, a tip of 15-20% will suffice, and it should be handed to the driver at the day’s end in an envelope.

Even with all these hurdles to overcome before getting the right limo and during the actual ride, the convenience, luxury, and comforts during the journey will be worth all the effort. It is a means of transportation that makes a statement and makes people stop and stare. If you are the kind of guy that rolls with the big boys and pulls no punches, it is the ride for you.

Limo Service July 13, 2017